Alpaca Herringbone Scarf

Lisbeth Mulcahy's Alpaca Herringbone Scarf is a contemporary take on the herringbone classic.

This season's design comes in two sizes and an array of colour variations. Our narrow size is a luxurious, non-bulky and warm scarf, loved by men and women. The wider option makes this Alpaca Herringbone Scarf suitable to wear as either a large, very warm scarf or warm stole. Both are stylish, young and informal and it suits both city and country lifestyles. 

Narrow: 28cm x 163cm + 10cm knotted fringes.

Wide: 40cm x 215cm + 10cm knotted fringes.

The material is 100% Peruvian Alpaca.

Lisbeth's scarves are woven in Ireland.

Alpaca Herringbone Scarf