Lisbeth Mulcahy Scarves and Stoles

Lisbeth Mulcahy designs her high quality woven scarves and stoles using only the finest and softest yarns. Extra soft and lustrous Merino Lambswool and Mohair from Italy. Soft and light pure silk also from Italy. Smooth and soft Alpaca from Peru. 

Colours are chosen every season to suit current fashion trends, while always including a selection of the classic, natural black, white, greys and cream of the fibres.

There is a design to suit every occasion and the scarves and stoles make very popular gifts.

Lisbeth's scarves and stoles are woven in Ireland.

Lisbeth Mulcahy Scarves and Stoles
The shelves in Lisbeth Mulcahy's shop displaying Alpaca Waves scarves

Light Blue and Cream Alpaca Waves Scarf


Light Blue and Cream Alpaca Waves Scarf from Lisbeth Mulcahy, woven in Ireland. The Alpaca Waves Scarf is one of Lisbeth Mulcahy's most popular designs. It is a small, non-bulky and very warm scarf. It is stylish, young and informal, and it suits both city and country lifestyles. It comes in a wide colour range. The material is 100% Peruvian... Read more